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Found stuck to the title page of a picture book:

Photo on 2012-08-08 at 22.17
Found these in a book today. Every post-it tells a story?

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The latest find:

Grocery List

Hmmm... I could eat dinner with these folks.
Found in the bookdrop today...

This book:

Tucked inside was a past-due utility bill and a fluorescent pink door hanger from the utility company threatening to cut off service.

Ice Ice Baby

I've seen a lot of ice rinks this season, but this outdoor rink in Salmon, Idaho, is my current favorite.

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Middle-grade magic

Two slim books you can enjoy in a single sitting. The first is a family story with a wee bit of magic. The second is like Kafka for kids. Heartbreaking, too. One story is filled with hope, the other not so much.

From my nightstand

Here are my latest reads, all highly recommended:

Stick by Andrew Smith

If you've read The Marbury Lens you know just how intense Andrew Smith can be. He never lets you off the hook, though he's crafted a surprisingly sweet ending for a gritty story of two brothers who've grown up amidst secrets and abuse.

Destroy All Cars by Blake Nelson

Spot on funny. Nelson's book is built around a teenaged boy's rants against consumerism (written for his AP English class) and recollections of an on-and-off-again romance with one of his classmates, including his first sexual experience. Delightful.

Sport by Mick Cochrane

Adult novel/memoir about a boy growing up in the 1960s with an alcoholic father and a mother struggling with Multiple Sclerosis. Lots of baseball references and beautiful, clear writing.

Moon Pie By Simon Mason

A middle-grade novel that deals with a father's struggle with alcoholism. Sounds like a downer, doesn't it? But this book is written with equal parts wit and pathos.

Where I've been


Just got back from my first-ever trip to the southwest for my son's hockey tournament in Phoenix. While I didn't hug a cactus, I did fall in love with the Sonoran desert.

For Lorraine...