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Something Fishy

My new camera has a digital fisheye effect that I thought I'd never use, but then we had this amazing sunset....

Does this remind you of something?

Like this maybe...

Or this...?

What's left

Frost on the path this morning, but summer left behind a few bright reminders.


Before you read this:

You need to read this:

And please, Mr. Earley, I hope you're writing more about Jim....

If you give a teenage boy a dress shirt...

He does acupuncture!

Book Love

Jo Ann Beard does more than evoke my teenage years in her new novel IN ZANESVILLE, she seems to have lived them right alongside me. No, inside me. Every observation, fleeting thought, insecurity, earnestness. An amazing book, especially if you were a teenager in the 1970s, or a teenager...ever.

Best of both worlds

I kid you not. It's a dream come true: a combination ice rink/library.
Kudos to Trail, B.C.

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Libba Bray is a genius

I probably didn't even get your attention with that headline because...well...everyone knows Libba is a genius—evil and comic.

This book is subversive, hysterical, didactic (in a good way), and should be required reading for all teenage girls who may or may not be aware of the way our culture defines and constrains their intelligence, their abilities, their sexuality.

Best enjoyed as an audiobook so you can hear the evil genius read it herself. Libba Bray's Ladybird Hope (cough*Sarah Palin*cough) is every bit as good as Tina Fey's.

(The LA Times liked it, too: http://articles.latimes.com/2011/may/29/entertainment/la-ca-libba-bray-20110529)

Come on to my house

Please stop by the Mixed-up Files today where this guest interviewer

will be talking with this guest author

about friendship, secrets, agoraphobia, and cooking...http://www.fromthemixedupfiles.com/

Today's find, a sticky note inside a DVD case: "This movie is a piece of unwatchable dreck. Shame on you, Diane Keaton."

I love where I live

From today's walk at Mountain View Park: